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About us

Our store features the most unique collection of nautical gifts and tropical decor available with new items arriving weekly!  Inside you will find a fantastic selection of nautical decor, tropical gifts for the bar, nautical decorations for the deck, wood lobster buoys and glass floats, nautical silver jewelry, porthole windows, fish decor, nautical signs, bronze statues and fountains, nautical antiques, nautical lanterns, brass porthole mirrors, palm lamps, beach signs, pirate decorations, wood buoys, porthole mirrors, beach jewelry, diver decor, and so much more at discount prices!   We also supply decorations for seafood restaurant decorating, professional office decor, corporate nautical gifts, nautical wedding items, movie set decor, and great coastal products for designers and beach condo decorating!  

Who are we?   We are a company that looks for something a little different than the other "nautical" stores.   We also add in the "tropical" flavor and search for a blend of unique items that you most likely won't find anywhere else.  We also strive to have prices much lower than retail, and we believe our prices to be some of the best on the web on similar merchandise.  Many of our items we now import direct for save you money and so you can have unique items found only here.  We also want you to have a fun shopping experience.   We usually update the site at least twice a month with new arrivals, page changes, and anything we come up with to make it a little different next time you visit!

Where are we?   We are based in the heart of Georgia.  No expensive waterfront property, (not that we wouldn't like to have some) no huge offices, just a crew that loves the water and the tropics, and try our best to create the right mix of merchandise, so no matter where you live you can afford to bring some of that feeling to your home or business! 

How it all started.   In the 1990's our founder wanted to build a nautical bar in his home.  (Somewhere to put his blender and play Buffet and other tropical music)  He wanted it to also have an island or Key West feel to it.   He searched for months on end, scouring many coastal areas, flea markets, antique stores, the internet, and inquiring with many of his boating and fishing friends.   After a couple years of searching he thought...hmmm I wonder if there are other land locked people out there who enjoy the water, and the tropics, and would like to have some of that feeling in their home too?   So he began the search again, only this time looking for even more unique items at a great value.   Well, this story continues to this day as we found out there are alot of people out there who like this stuff!!   Heck, they REALLY enjoy it!   And they buy from all 50 states!   We guess the captain had a good idea after all!

What we have in store for you.      At we want you to be able to use our decor items to help you feel like you are near the water or the tropics even though you may be miles from any lake, river, ocean, or rainforest!    For those of you lucky enough to have a piece of paradise, we think you'll find our items unique, and priced right to add to your room or area.  We have everything from knick knacks to estate show pieces.   Flip through our pages...we are sure you'll find treasure you just gotta have! 

Who are our customers?    Our customers span the entire USA.  They are people that live at or near the water, people that live up north and south, boaters, and really anyone who enjoys the water, sun,  the beach or lake, even if it's many miles away!
We sell to large resorts and many well known theme parks throughout the US as well to giant corporate companies.  Our customers are also seafood restaurant chains and individual restaurant owners.  We sell to many tanning salons and even to other retail stores.  Our buyers are marinas and yacht clubs, movie studios, and the list goes on and on.  Individuals who love nautical and tropical things make up a large portion of our client base.   All of our  customers are VERY important to us, and we love it when we see so many repeat customers!

 Our commitment to our customers.  We want your experience to be both fun and safe while visiting our site.     We want you to return and see something different than your last visit.
   We want you to be pleasantly surprised with the products we offer as well as our service.      We also use one of the most popular, secure authorizing software companies on the net for secure shopping.


"Our home away from home"
What we like to do...  Whoa!  We aren't sure how that ship got in front of our 20 footer before the camera person could snap the shot, but we wanted you to know we like boating and fishing with the crew when we get a chance.   We love the water!   You probably won't ever see us in something this large, as we keep our overhead as low as possible so we can offer the coolest stuff with some of the the best prices on the web!

Our philosophy...   We try to offer a nice selection of mainstream as well as unique merchandise at far below retail prices and great customer service.  (Which is hard to find these days)    How do we do it?   "We lose a little money on each sale but make it up with volume."   (Just kidding)  Actually it's very simple...we keep our prices low, and enjoy reading all the great e-mails of happy people enjoying our merchandise and service!   It's what keeps us smiling and able to afford gas for boating with the crew!  (Which keeps them smiling!) ;-)

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Questions?  Contact our captain directly at to have them answered!  He would love to hear from you!

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