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Porthole mirrors - porthole windows
Largest selection in the USA!

We now have over 130 different portholes with more to come!
We are your TOTAL source for port holes!!
Porthole mirrors, porthole windows, porthole scenes, port holes, brass rings,
Ships portholes, door porthole windows and more!
Check us out for great deals on quality portholes!

Click here for porthole mirrors
Available from 6"and up on this page. 
Besides solid brass, some are available in a nickel finish over solid brass, wood, chrome over brass and a verdigris brass finish...Also one available
 in bronze.  

Click here for Porthole windows for interior use
These decorative porthole windows flush mount and are great for interior walls or doors...available in solid brass and nickel over solid brass!
Click here for Porthole windows for interior or exterior use...door portholes too!.  (doors/walls)
These are high quality heavy ports that have an 
exterior ring included...good weather seal...and heavier  glass.  Available from 6"-24"!  
Click here for Porthole rings, deadlights, 
and non opening porthole windows
A selection of rings and non opening ports...deadlights are rings with glass.



Click here for fiberglass resin porthole mirrors and windows...our exclusive! 

The ports are very heavy looking ports at 1.5" thick not including the dog-ears, (Which are big and solid metal!)  The best part is we have them in 10 
different finishes including semi-finished and primed ready to paint any color to match your decor!   Available in 12" to 30" and at a small fraction of what a brass or bronze porthole 
similar to this would cost!

  Note: You need to supply your own mounting screws or for most portholes depending on your mounting surface.
All basic dimensions are overall for the port and not the mirror/glass size unless indicated.

More unique portholes  > 1 
 porthole mirrors 2
interior porthole windows 3
exterior porthole windows 4

porthole rings and deadlights 5

Fiberglass resin porthole mirrors and windows in many colors 7

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