Eight Bells (Winslow Homer)
Eight bells
(Winslow Homer)

Outward Bound (Norman Rockwell)
Outward Bound
(Norman Rockwell)

Night Mists (Montague Dawson)
Night Mists
(Montague Dawson)

Cape Horn Highway (Henry Scott)
Cape Horn Highway
(Henry Scott)

Thermopylae Leaving Foochow (Montague Dawson)
Thermopylae Leaving Foochow
(Montague Dawson)

Racing Schooner Westward (Steven Dews)
Racing Schooner Westward
(Steven Dews)

The pictures above are of prints available on the 24" portholes.  
All prints are fine art quality behind glass.   A computer monitor cannot properly represent their beautiful color or brilliance!