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Fish decor and sea life gifts page 4
Decorate with an Island or Beach Decor, and bring a bit of Paradise Home.

Looking for fish decor or something for the fisherman or fisherwoman?  
You've found the right place!  All kinds of sea life here!

 Brass Imperial Sea Horse With Coral - $224.95
Brass Ocean Home decor.

18.5"h x 8.5"w x 8.5"d, brass on marble base.     

 15"H Solid Brass Imperial Keys Double Marlin and Sailfish Figurine - $159.95 ONLY 1 LEFT IN STOCK!

Made of solid brass and measures approx. 15"H x 12"L x 6"W. Features a marlin and a sailfish swimming among each other. Rests steadily on it's thick, round base.           

  14"H Copper Butterfly Fish Pair Wall Art - $69.95
Made of copper and measures approx. 14"H x 8"L x 3"W. Features two gorgeous butterfly fish swimming together in a pair. Mounts easily to the wall using the provided bracket.
        Large Copper School of Butterfly Fish 24"W x 12"H x 5"D - $169.95
 37"L Three Dancing Shrimp Copper Metal Wall Art- $119.95
                 Made of metal and measures approx. 37"L x 19"H x 4"W. Features gorgeous shades of orange and mounts easily to the wall using the provided bracket on the back.
 29"L Metal School of Sardines Wall Art - $79.95
made of metal and measures approx. 29"L x 11"H x 4"W. Gorgeously painted to perfection. Features a large school of sardines swimming through the water. Hangs easily on the wall using the provided bracket on the back.

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