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Shipping , terms, & info.

95% of our orders ship the next business day!

For Canada and other international ordering click here!

So that we may take care of as many shoppers as possible and continue to keep our prices as low as possible we have a
$14.95 minimum purchase for total items purchased. 
(not including shipping)   We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.   With labor costs on packing and invoicing as well as the costs of packaging materials this minimum is necessary.  Note: You can still order under the minimum, but the system will increase the dollar amount to $14.95 for the order plus shipping.  We have some items around $3-4 you may want to add to get to the $14.95 minimum if this is the case.

Ordering is easy!  
You can order by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal online on our secure server, or you can print the invoice at checkout and mail or fax your order with credit card information filed out,   You may also call if you wish to phone in the order!   (Remember to leave us your phone number and we will call you back if we are out of the office.)  When paying with a personal or certified check, print off the invoice and mail it to us with your check for the full amount.    Online orders are charged at the time you authorize the sale online as in most online stores.  Also note that faxed and phone credit card orders are charged when the fax is received or phone call made.

Our track record!   For the last few years we are extremely proud to announce that damages, returned goods, and defective goods COMBINED were less than 1/2% of all items shipped!    Out of stocks for this period for "stock" items were less than 1%!   We are always trying to improve so we have even more happy customers!
Note: Many other web stores don't stock ANY merchandise at all.   When you order from them you always are at the mercy of the 3rd party shipper and THEIR shipping timeframes and stock situation.  We stock the vast majority of our items at our headquarters, so we can take better care of our customers.   We do, on occasion have our suppliers send merchandise out for us that we don't have in stock to take care of our customers.   Our suppliers have a great working relationship with us, and work as we do to take care of our customers for us when necessary!

Shipping timeframe... All stock items ordered by certified funds, such as a money order or cashiers check in the exact amount, or paid with a credit card will usually be shipped within 1-3 business days, however over 95% of orders ship the very next business day!  Note that more than 90% of the items on our website we stock in our warehouse...some items are shipped from the suppler directly...when this happens it depends on the suppler as to the shipping timeframe but most can ship quickly also.   We will inform you if there are any backorders if not available to ship within 10 business days.  Any items ordered from November thru December that cannot be filled within 7 business days will automatically be cancelled and refunded.  No backorders will be done during the months of November or December.

Free Shipping...the Tooth fairy...the Easter bunny..all have something in common. WOW...we have noticed some website stores offering free shipping on all goods!  While we have not located the fairy dust that magically transports the products to the customers for no charge we will let you know when we do...until then free shipping is not possible...somebody pays and that is you the customer with much higher prices.  When checking these website stores we notice one thing...extremely higher prices!  Hmmmmm  For instance we notice things like our little mermaid figurhead which we sell every day for $159.95 plus 28.99 shipping due to oversize box....188.94 total.  Their identical item with "free shipping" costs $299!  With ours including shipping you save over $100    Most items are priced 50-100% higher than our prices with sites that offer free shipping overall. Buyer beware! Which is the better deal? 
Note that shipping has increased every single year since we started business...this coming year the cost has risen over 4% again but we try to hold our prices as low as possible.  We reuse packing supplies and boxes when we can to help cost and the environment. 

Shipping and handling charges are... 

If merchandise totals $14.99 or less, $10.99 Shipping

$15.00 to $21.99, $11.99 S&H

$22.00 to $33.99, $12.99 S&H

$34.00 to $44.99, $13.99 S&H

$45.00 to $59.99, $14.99 S&H

$60.00 to $74.99, $15.99 S&H

$75.00 to $89.99, $16.99 S&H

$90.00 to $119.99, $17.99 S&H

$120.00 to $139.99, $18.99 S&H

$140.00 to $159.99, $19.99 S&H

$160.00 to $179.99, $21.99 S&H

$180.00 to $199.99, $24.99 S&H

$200.00 to $299.99, $32.99 S&H

$300.00 to $369.99, $39.99 S&H

$370.00 to $449.99, $48.99 S&H

$450.00 to $529.99, $56.99 S&H

$530.00 to $599.99, $64.99 S&H

$600.00 to $669.99, $69.99 S&H

$670.00 to $769.99, $79.99 S&H

$770.00 to $869.99, $87.99 S&H

$870.00 to $999.99, $99.99 S&H

$1000.00 to $1249.99, $129.99 S&H

$1250.00 to $1499.99, $149.99 S&H

$1500.00 to $1999.99, $199.99 S&H

$2000.00 to $2499.99, $239.99 S&H

$2500.00 to $2999.99, $279.99 S&H

$3000.00 to $3999.99, $379.99 S&H

$4000.00 to $4999.99, $449.99 S&H

$5000.00 to $7499.99, $599.99 S&H

$7500.00 and up, $699.99 S&H

(**Bulky, large, oversize, or heavy items may have an additional shipping charge on orders.  We will inform you if that is the case)
All shipping charges are before any applicable tax*, and shipping is normally UPS ground...We cannot ship to P.O. boxes or military bases or anywhere UPS cannot deliver to.   We insure all shipments fully sent by UPS.     Shipping rates are for the continental U.S.     For  Alaska and Hawaii inquiries, e-mail us at for a shipping quote.   *Orders going to Georgia residents pay applicable sales tax.   Larger items ship by common carrier and are subject to different shipping/handling pricing.
****NOTICE**** We do not split shipments on an order due to the high costs of shipping.   

RUSH SHIPPING...If you need next day, or two day shipping, just contact us before ordering!  We are glad to help, and will inform you of the charges prior to shipping.   We charge an additional 5% of the order total handling charge (minimum $5.00 charge) for each air rush order above the next day or 2nd day air charges for orders.  If you want to use your own UPS/FEDEX shipping number for billing or your own shipper number, we will charge the additional special  handling charge.    

Did you know?
Did you know that a 4"square EMPTY BOX, weighing under a pound, shipped in the continental US can  cost us over $12.00 to ship?  An 18"x18"x18" EMPTY BOX can cost $40 to ship!  A larger EMPTY BOX of say 2'x2'x4'  can cost over $135 to ship UPS GROUND!. That is raw shipping cost before the time it takes to pull the merchandise, pay for packing materials, boxing, invoicing, labeling, and inputting the info for UPS.  Why do we tell you this?   We want you to know that our shipping charges are very fair and we dont even break even on our shipping and handling charges on average.   

  See our Frequently asked questions page for return terms and policy, also damaged merchandise information.  Click here for return and Damage information

BACKORDERS... Chances are that "stock" items you order are in stock now, but if an item is on backorder, we will notify you by e-mail or call or both within 3 business days.    When we notify you of a backorder, we will inform you of the anticipated date.  If you prefer not to wait for your backordered order let us know immediately so we can cancel and refund that item.  Due to the costs associated with shipping we cannot split orders.  All backorders will be automatically cancelled and refunded after 2 weeks unless prior arrangements have been made.   Any discontinued item that we cannot fill fully will be refunded and you will be notified.

PERSONAL CHECKS...With any items purchased by a personal check, add an additional 10 days to all shipping.  The same applies for business checks and now Money orders/Cashiers checks due to fraud.

PRIVACY...All e-mail addresses are kept confidential and are not sold to other companies.   We will never share, sell, or rent your personal information with third parties for their promotional use.  We offer new merchandise arrivals and special discounts with our customers occasionally as well as those that have signed our guest list.   You may opt out if you do not wish to receive the special mailings in the future.  Only UPS or other shippers may receive your e-mail address for shipping confirmation purposes only.   We respect your privacy.

CHANGES AND OTHER INFO...We are not responsible for typographical errors as we too are human.  All dimensions on items listed on this site are approximate.   Colors can vary sometimes with the lighting, picture taking, and products themselves.    Any changes in shipping, pricing, products, or policies will be published on this site.  

LARGE ORDERS...We may contact you for further information or ask for a signature on larger orders for verification purposes.    Because of our low prices, we can't give additional discounts on quantities of an item or items, however if you are putting together an order over $1000 contact us first so we can check to see if any discounts are available.   

CATALOG REQUESTS...Sorry, but due to our constantly changing and adding merchandise we do not have a catalog.  Besides, not having the added expense of a catalog helps us keep our prices low to save you money!

WHOLESALE...We have a limited number of new items available to the trade only.   E-mail us at if interested.  Sorry, we do not have a catalog.

Warranties...Items are "as is" after our return timeframe just as in many gift and decor stores.  In the rare case that a manufacturer warrants a product we sell, you would need to consult the manufacturer on warranty issues.   No warranties are expressed or implied on items found in our retail or wholesale web stores.

Thank you in advance for your order...we appreciate your business.   Please visit us often!
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