And the winner is...
Barbara A. from Greenville N.C.
Barbara sent in quite a few pictures of her nautical bathroom.
Here are a few of them!


"I was thrilled, to see that I won grand prize, thank you. I love the sea
side, and tried to bring some of that to my bathroom. I will have a
great time choosing something from your wonderful collection of things.
Again, thank you"                                       Barbara A 

Runner up is Theresa M from N. Hollywood Ca.

2nd runner up is Sandy S. From Sarasota Fl.

Congrats to you all!
(New contest coming soon....)

Here's a porthole idea
for a kitchen door window...


Nice views of a room below by one of our many satisfied customers who purchased our palm lamps.   If you don't have one yet you need to get one!   Your guests will be truly amazed by their beauty and uniqueness!